The Gift of Inspiration

Dear Friends, Today marks the return of Little Pine and The Festival of Light, with the start of Volume 4, “A Visit from the Home World.” Follow the creatures of the forest each day as they prepare for the return of the Light and for a visit from a very special guest.

Chapter 1: The Gift of Inspiration

Grandfather Pine in Moonlight

When the call of the snow owl woke her from her sleep, the holly tree thought she must still be dreaming. The forest was perfectly still and not a ripple stirred on the lake. But the sky was alive with stars and billowing clouds lit by a moon that was rising behind Grandfather Pine. Rays from its light shot into the air, almost as if the northern lights were dancing. Holly had never seen anything like it.

“Grandfather!” she whispered, hardly daring to make a sound. “What’s happening?”

“Hush, child. All is well,” Grandfathered answered softly. “It’s the download of dreams in preparation for the return of the Light. All the forest creatures are receiving the gift of inspiration as they sleep. When they wake, all of them will sense that it is time for them to make their plans and ready their gifts for the Festival.

“Watch for a while if you like, my dear. Then let the lullaby of the stars sing you to sleep. You, too, will receive the gift of inspiration, and I predict that the morning will find you full of exquisite melodies to weave into your Festival songs.”

“Thank you, Grandfather,” the holly tree whispered. Then she stared at the radiant heavens with their glorious dancing light until she could stay awake no more.

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