Found Poem III

After the rain, boughs that just yesterday
still waved golden leaves, stand revealed,
poking their bare branches into low clouds.
Beneath them, as far as the eye can see,
a poem of fallen leaves is newly written
on the grass. Its countless verses singing
the life and death adventure, the mystery
and wonder of dancing in the sun,
never knowing what a day will hold,
but each having its measure of beauty.
And then the final letting go, the sailing
in the wind to the earth below,
and the breathing of the final song:
Home. Home. Home.

Autumn Lullaby

Late October Pond at Sahli Nature Park

Hour by hour, the lake’s music softens
and slows. The songbirds have gone,
taking their whistles and chirps
to warmer climes, and with them,
the buzzing insects. Now, little more
than the rustling of leaves remains,
an autumn lullaby floating across
the still waters, whispering
the season’s Gloria in hushed
and reverent tones. I stand
on the banks, barely breathing,
and my heart sings its own Amen.

Autumn’s Last Hoorah

Red Maple Bough

Before the colors are swallowed up
by winter’s quiet dreams, let us
give you one more sweep of hues
to carry you through the colorless cold.
Tuck these bold flags into the corners
of your mind. Wave them on nights
when the wind howls, when snow
pulls its white blankets over your fields.
Let them warm you with their bright songs
and encourage you when the days
seem bleak and endless. Let them whisper
to you that winter is but a pulling back
of the Archer’s bow so that, come spring,
new songs may fly, and joy, renewed,
may fill your soul.

Farewell to Butterflies

Butterfly Garden, Sahli Nature Park

Mere weeks ago, butterflies
feasted on pink and purple flowers
in this field. I walked here bedazzled
by their flight and fragile wings
as they flitted from blossom to blossom,
resting to take their fill. They’re gone
now, but they left their colors behind
to paint the field. I got to walk here,
I thought to myself, when there were
butterflies. I get to walk in beauty now,
remembering, my heart
singing thanks.