Gracious Meadows

Butterfly Garden at Sahli Nature Park

I suppose when people look back
on August of 2017, they will think
of the way the skies opened
to pour trillions of gallons of rain
on once-bright towns and cities.
I suppose that I will be one of them.
But I will remember, too, how August
shimmered with green, and how
she spread her gracious meadows
with a kaleidoscope of flowers
that drew to them hummingbirds
and butterflies and children
of all ages, pointing in delight
at the colorful sights that sang
of light and heaven.


Pair of Butterflies

In days of sunshine and those
of trial, whether by happenstance
or choice, life sends us the gift
of companions for our journey,
spirits to walk beside us, to share
our laughter and our tears,
our stories and our silences.
Some stay only for moments.
Some come, then go, then reappear.
Some walk beside us for long miles,
for lifetimes, and maybe more.
Love, after all, never dies.
And it is love that sends them,
these companions, that each of us
may know that we are truly
never alone.

Test Run: A Happiness Tale

Trying Out Red

She mixes up some pails of color
and hands them to the elves.
Let’s give the red and the yellow a whirl
and see how they look in the sun.
Let’s see how they mix, how they blend.
Don’t go crazy now; just do
this one tree—this one, where few
will notice. Try a few patterns,
some speckles, some stripes.
Leave a touch of green here and there.
That’s it. Good job. What do you think?
Are we ready to go? Let’s start
with the sumac and vines, okay?

Creek Mirroring Sky

August Creek at Brady's Run

The creek is still today.
Its transparent surface mirroring
The lush growth along its banks,
Capturing the clouds and the sky
as if to reflect back to them
their beauty. And they, in their turn,
shade the light so that when
you stand on its edges, you can see
brown fishes lazing among the rocks.
Some scenes are almost too perfect
to be real. And to stand in their midst,
breathing their fragrance, feeling
the breath of them on your skin,
is to feel humbled, and honored,
and blessed.