Imprint This

Golden Zinnia

On this, her last day, July
opened a golden zinnia
as if to say, “Here, imprint this
as a token of my stay.” It burned
its summer colors into my mind,
hues that held the luminous essence
of July, the season’s zenith, warm
and bright enough to linger
through all that is to come
before her next return.


Dragon Fly

Oh my! What big eyes you have,
Mr. Dragonfly! And how like a biplane
you seem to be with those papery thin
double wings. Are you from here?
Or did our flowers draw you from
a magic, alien world, some imaginary
place far away where flowers
only come in black and white,
lacking the deliciousness of pink?
I think I get to make a wish on you,
just because you are so splendid.
And in return, let me grant you
wishes, too, for pink summer flowers

Morning at the Lake

Lake at Brady's Run

Beneath a sky veiled with pearly clouds
the lake is still, as if I’ve found it
in morning prayer or meditation.
Here on the hillside above it
I find a place to sit and to breathe
its calm, allowing the peace of it
to seep into my being. It feels
deep and immense, and for all
its tranquility, incredibly dynamic
with burgeoning life, within
and all around it, full, and dancing
to the grand symphony of Yes.
When I am filled with it, I go
into my day, quieted and rich,
and the lake goes with me.

More Love Notes

Black Eyed Susans

Some things come with built-in smiles.
You know, kittens and puppies,
That sort of thing. They just make you
feel all better inside. Take these
flowers, for instance. Their yellow
just cancels out all your blue,
makes you believe in laughter
and light all over again.
Makes you feel how the Yes
genuinely loves us, whether
we deserve it or not.


Lake at Brady's Run

Oh yes, there are lakes here, too,
shimmering bodies of fresh water
that reflect the blue sky and the green
of the forested hills that surround them.
Silvery fish swim in their waters, and geese
paddle past or bask on the shores In the grass.
And oh! The wildflowers that dance along
their edges. This is summer in its perfection!
Wish you were here!

Keep This Moment

Summer Roses

It matters that you see
and remember because
you are the Keeper, the one
charged to hold this moment
as clearly as you can. Imprint
it indelibly on your mind,
so that one day, when such
things as summer roses
have forever disappeared,
you will be able to tell
how they were real,
and delicate, and how
they let you know
that you, too, were real,
breathing their fragrance,
touched by sweet beauty,
hearing their life-song
singing in your soul.
Look closely, with open
eyes and a welcoming heart.
You are the Keeper.