A Love Token

Autumn Splendor

As bright October’s days fade
into the grays of November,
I give you this one last keepsake,
a glimpse of autumn’s glory,
gifted to us one mid-month day
when all nature sang in celebration.
Save it in your heart for those times
when you are worn and leaning
toward despair as a reminder
that the earth and all that lives
are loved children of the Yes
and held in the splendor of its
unending wisdom and care.

Last Dance

Dancing Leaves

Let me ride in the wind again.
Let me spin and twirl, held fast
by my stem, giddy with joy,
clinging to my branch,
drinking in the sun, dancing
with my fellows one last time.
Tomorrow the sky will be mine.
But today, I will take this last pleasure.
Today I will ride in the wind again.
Today I will twirl and spin.

Dreaming in Paradise

Country Road, Late October

The autumn leaves washed down
in countless numbers in yesterday’s rain.
But today the sun is shining, and sheaves
of gold still stand along the roadside,
arching above it.  The air is warm
for late October, and the leaves
float feather-like when they fall,
as if they were tiny golden birds
set free in this paradise of a day.
I breathe the peace of it as I drive
the country roads, escaping
the tension and strife that cover
the nation, wishing these golden
leaf-birds could fly from shore to shore
and descend on every heart
with their song.

How to Build the Quilt

Fallen Leaves

First, select the colors.  Choose
the hues that will feed the dreams
of the seeds of the flowers
that will waken in the spring.
Then, gather the ten thousand pieces.
Heap them deep, weaving them together
as you go.  Say prayers and sing chants
as you work.  Let your words be full
of hope and of thanksgiving.  Layer
after layer, lay down your blessings,
that all who sleep beneath this quilt
may be warmed and encouraged
by your love.

Exit Stage Right

Trees with Fallen Leaves

The bare branches outnumber the ones
whose leaves still hold on, having given
their all for the season’s grand show.
The stage wears thick layers of their gifts.
The audience has scattered; the players
gather in the wings, deciding on a venue
for an after-show party.  From the horizon,
clouds float in, promising drinks for all.
The wind that bears them thunders
with applause and echoes our cries:
“Well Done!  Well Done!”


Scarlet Maple

With our breath rising, full or our awe and joy,
autumn again raised the curtain of clouds
to bring us an encore of color.  It was more
than we could have asked for, bright scarlet
flags waving in the wind, the epitome of
maple’s brilliant hues.  Never give up
on your hopes of one last stretch of glory.
Even when all seems lost, the miraculous
can step out from the wings,