Love Notes

Lake at SNPJ

These days are not for now alone,
but for you to hold in memory’s store
for times when you need solace,
when peace eludes and the noise
of the world is a thundering din
to your ears.  Let them remind you
that beneath all appearances
a harmony reigns, supreme
and gracious and supremely
full of wise and loving care.

The Kaleidoscope of Days

Goldnrod at Woods' Edge

What if it’s all some cosmic kaleidoscope,
and the Mysterious Intelligence is turning
the barrel, gazing at the jeweled patterns
as the eons go tumbling by?  Galaxies spin,
stars are born and die, and on one little
globe, over there on the far edge, seasons
change and goldenrod glows in a field.
And the Mysterious Intelligence seeing
it all, the whole and every detail all at once,
breathes Yes, and every last bit of it
dances to the whispered song,
and sparkles in its love.

Dancing for Autumn

Wild Sunflowers

Autumn, the seasons’ king, rolls in
on balmy air.  Along the roadside
wild sunflowers dance. On this grand day,
when day and night share equal parts of sky,
they sing in celebration.   Now begins
the gathering in of all the fruits of the fields.
Now comes the quickening of cool mornings
and crisp air.  Now comes the splendor
of the trees.  Along the roadside
wild sunflowers dance, beaming their light
and their welcome.


The Last Day of Summer

monarch butterfly on zinnia

“It’s the last day of summer,”
I say to people at random—
store clerks, friends.
“Oh good!  Enough of this heat!”
they reply.  I am alone, it seems,
in my sadness at its passing.
I note that I feel this way
at each season’s end, being
so filled with gratitude
for its beauty.  And then
the next one comes, with splendors
of its own, quickly winning
my heart.  I go to the butterly
garden to say my private farewell.
A monarch comes to settle
on the last of the zinnias,
then joins two others and they
merrily flutter away in a tumble
of summer orange.