Sky Teaching

January Sunset

An hour ago, heavy clouds
lay over the land, stealing
all but the dimmest light,
taking away even the little
color that winter allowed us.
I trudged home, flicked
on the kitchen’s lights,
opened the fridge, looking
for comfort, put thick soup
on to warm.  Remembering
a paper I’d left in the car,
I stepped outside, to a world
bathed in clarity and brilliance.
Never lose hope.
An hour can change everything.

Collecting the Essence of Trees

Sap Collecting Buckets

The buckets are in bloom!
Like eager daffodils, fooled
by a warm spell into poking
up through winter’s soil,
suddenly the sap buckets
dot the woodland’s floor.
Their blue tubers rise,
burrowing through
the maples’ bark,
finding the veins
where amber sap flows,
slowly at first, more amply
as the days roll on.
Eight weeks from now
we will sit in the lodge
and pour this gift,
boiled down to syrup,
over pancakes, freshly made,
and taste the sweet essence
of trees.

Listen to the Windsong

Fairy Tree

Listen to the windsong,
to its whispers and whistles
and sighs.  It will tell you
where the magic is spread.
Look there, to your left,
where the russet leaves
dance on the olive green
branches.  Look farther
to the waltzing of the reeds.
Look up, and see the
shimmering wisps of
seed pods floating
in a fairy dance against
a cloud-feathered sky.
The wind will tell you.
Let its song be your guide.

Deer Tracks in Snow

Deer Tracks at Big Beaver Wetlands

The land knows no borders.
No arbitrary lines separate
it from itself.  It is one piece.
It knows no name but Yes.
It laughs when man comes
with his pavement and his plows.
They mean no more to it
than deer tracks in the snow,
and are as time-bound.
Change is a way of life
to the land, and what man
calls seasons are but fleeting
hours to that which has endured
longer than whole, so-called
civilizations.  The land keeps
its wildness in spite of them,
hosting them willingly,
allowing them to squander
its wealth, knowing all
that it gives will one day return.
For it knows no separation,
and its only word is