A Winter Farewell

Thawing Lake

Even the lakes are thawing now.
Spring’s victory carves its V in the melting ice.
The first mourning doves sit on the wire,
and at the wetlands, the ribbon neck ducks
have come and the red winged blackbirds.
So winter rolls up its glitter, its sheets of white,
and heads south.  Farewell, season of sleep.
We are done with you and your cold.

Still, we will hold your beauty in mind’s store,
your long smooth curves and bare trees,
the fall of moonlight on shimmering snow,
the clarity of your starlight, the frost
with which you etched our windows.

You reminded us of our capacity to endure,
of our resolve in the face of challenges.
You brought us days of play and laughter
and let us rediscover the pleasures
of soft blankets and warm socks.
And so we thank you as you leave us,
and today we sing you our farewell.

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