Singing the Year’s Amen

Year's Last Sunset

The year’s last sunset burns
in a clear, cloudless sky,
an act of alchemy, transforming
all the hours, now passing,
into gold,
distilling them in its fire,
reducing them to truth,
regardless of how dark and leaden
they seemed.

The love of the Yes
is larger than we imagine.
It turns all to its purpose,
burning away what is not
of its self.
Here is clarity.  Here is peace.
Here is the blazing sun, singing
The year’s Amen.

The Gatherers of Days

Woodland Stream

Because only one more day remained
before January would arrive,
ushering in another pristine year,
December and the Passing Year
walked beside the holy waters
gathering together the echoes
of the tears and laughter
that had filled the year’s days,
collecting its hopes and dreams,
longings and sighs, joys and tears.

And when at last they held them all
in their benevolent arms, they sang
a tender blessing and sent them
sailing down the sacred stream
to the place where yesterdays go
to be distilled and refined.

And the New Year, finding them,
clear now and purified,
will blend them with fresh tomorrows,
where hope lives and possibilities
reach out, singing with love.

Teachings from the Trees

Hilltop Winter Trees

Standing in stillness on the hill, the trees speak
The year’s last words:   Live simply, in harmony
With life’s seasons, and with all that it brings you.

Let your breathing be a sign of peace,
And your being an expression of joy.
Be open to all possibilities.

Give your gifts as freely to the world
As they have been given to you.
Savor life’s goodness and beauty.

And in all things, let the Great Yes
Sing through you.  For you are Its child,
Known, and deeply loved.

Hidden Treasures

Lakeside Star Flowers

Again, deep clouds blanket the day,
Almost as if this dimming of the light
Had become a habit, the dullness
Easier than shining.

But no, this drab atmosphere
Is intended, its purpose bent
On emphasizing treasures unnoticed
In bright daylight’s glare.

Look more closely, it says.
Pay attention to small details.
Where you did not think to find them,
Wonders abide.

Driving Home After Christmas

Clouds Rushing In

Without as much as a wind to signal their coming,
The clouds rushed in, swallowing the sky.
Within an hour, the afternoon’s light was gone
And the earth settled in to the early winter night.

But for one glorious moment, we sat watching
The majestic sight, a soundless drama, sweeping
Toward us with relentless might.
It warranted trumpets.  Choirs of angels
Would have been no surprise.

You turned on the car’s headlights
As we drove back, filled with awe and silence,
And Christmas lights gleamed in the darkness
From home, after home, after home.


Pine Woods with Sunlight

Even at noon, the pines cast long shadows.
Yet what a wonder to see them, a gift
Of the gods after endless days without sun.

Under my boots, the vegetation is flattened now,
Hunkered against the earth, waiting for snow.
But today the air is unseasonably warm,

And my neighbor told me over morning coffee
That yesterday the daylight lasted ten seconds
Longer than it had the day before.

“The daylight’s winning,” he said, grinning
As he slurped another mouthful.
“Ten whole seconds!  We’ll take it, hey?”

Little Pine Celebrates the Festival of Light

December is a special month here at High on Happiness.  Along with Little Pine, we’re celebrating the return of the Light.  Each day, another adventure unfolds.  Scroll down to the December 1st post to catch the beginning of this year’s story . . . or read it backwards and flip it over in your mind.  Each day is an adventure, regardless.