2010, Singing Its Farewell

2010's Last, Glorious SunsetAnother year comes to an end and as its final curtain descends, it sends its luminous blessing.

Take with you, my children, all that was golden, all that whispered to you of my love.

Take the moments of sweetness, of laughter and delight; take the lessons and the wisdom.  Take the colors of my seasons, the hours of labor and leisure, the music of my songs.

Wrap them in your soul, and remember me with gratitude and joy as you begin your journey through new days.  I have done my best to strengthen and enrich you, to carry you toward greater actualization of your magnificent potential.  And you have not disappointed me.

Now I bid you farewell.  May all was beautiful, good and true in the days that I gave you live in your heart and illumine your way.  And may you always remember to be at peace, for you are truly loved.

The Gift of Wonder

hilltop sunsetSo here I stand, a consciousness broader than the horizon, deeper than the sky, focused through this little dab of protoplasm, wearing this coat of ego, standing on this pebble of a planet, staring at a star that’s 93,000,000 miles away.

How did this come to be?  All this life?  All this balance?  All this beauty?  Why do we make music?  Why do we love?

And amidst the vast, unfathomable mystery of it all, how do we become so blind that we take it all for granted?  So arrogant that we think we have the answers?  How do we get so lost that we lose our context altogether and forget entirely who we are?

How can we stand in the face of this majesty and feel anything but awe, but reverence, but thanksgiving and transcendent joy?

Oh, may our eyes and hearts be opened.  May the gift of wonder bathe our souls and set us free.

A Cup o’ Kindness

Gentle Winter Sunset“For auld lang syne, my dear,
for auld lang syne,
we’ll take a cup o’ kindness yet,
for auld lang syne.”

The winds of nostalgia waft across the year’s waning hours.  It held so much, so many milestones and changes – births, deaths, celebrations, sorrows – and now it’s coming to a close.

Endings matter.  The way we wrap things as we tuck them away in memory colors how we’ll feel when we look back.

If you so choose, the passing year can be a treasure for you, laden with shining experiences, golden lessons, bright coins of beauty and joy, discovery, meaning and peace.  All it takes is a willingness to make it so, to give the swiftly passing year your blessing as it flows into memory’s store.

Wrap it with forgiveness and compassion as you store it away, and tie it with ribbons of thankfulness and joy.  Lift a cup of kindness to it, and to all who shared its moments with you, for old time’s sake, my dear, for auld lang syne.

Melting into Tomorrow

Melting Ice on StreamOnce you know your direction, the general way that you need to go for your dream to become your life, once you have made up your mind, made the decision and committed, let go.

That’s the secret.  The Universe knows your dream and how to take you there.  Let go.

Let yourself melt into tomorrow.  The river knows how to flow.

All it asks is your presence, your trust.  Lean into its whispering.  Bend where it bids you to bend.  Dance when it asks you to dance.  Linger, flow, tumble and cascade, but always with ease.  Resist nothing.

The river knows the way.  Let yourself melt into tomorrow.

Crystallizing Dreams

Droplet on Reaching Branch
Now is the time for focus, for crystallizing dreams.  Now: reach for the looming possibilities, the taunting desires. Claim them, name them, hold the vision of them fast.

Shine on them the light of your passion and daring.  Let their structure and details be revealed.

Taste the reality of their potential. Adopt their fulfillment as your mission, your quest.  Let nothing deny you.  Give way to no hesitation or doubt.

Say, “This is mine.  This shall be.” Then vow to make it so, regardless of obstacles, whether you know the way or not.  The way will appear as you walk it.

Trust.  Dare.  Crystallize the dream.  Live it.  Know its joy.

Now, Dancing

Stream with Ice CrystalsOh, her amazing costumes!  Now she wears the full moon, now its thinnest smile.  Now she’s starlight, dissolving into the morning, now a crystal of ice, melting into the rushing stream.

Now she’s a baby, coming wet into the world, now an old man turning to dust.

She wears all our faces, sings all of our songs, carries all our dreams and bends around them, giving them form.

She flies across the heavens with eagles and stars, and swims in the deep with whales.

Now she’s antiquity, now the farthest tomorrow.  Time is but her music, turning, turning, turning her, in her ever-changing colors, as she mesmerizes us with her illusions, making them seem so true.

Savoring the Passing Days

Christmas MumsLate on Christmas Day, an old friend stopped by.  The other guests had gone; the house was quiet, the fire glowing beautifully in the fireplace.

As we sat sipping coffee together in its warmth, he reminisced about Christmases gone by—those from his childhood, 70 years ago, the ones when his own children were young, the ones when the grandkids were bright-eyed toddlers.

Maybe it was the firelight, but it seemed to me that his leathered face softened and took on a warm glow as he told his stories.

As he talked, I found my thoughts drifting back through memories of my own, and felt my heart warm with the richness of them.

As the holidays come to an end, as the year’s final days pass by, savor them and wrap the hours in tenderness.  Ease them deeply into memory’s store like precious cargo, treasured gems.

Some quiet night, farther down the road, they’ll drift again into your awareness, releasing their sparkle and glow to bless you with joy made more golden by the patina of time.  And your heart will smile, and remind you again that life is beautiful and good.

Sing Alleluia

Amaryllis BlossomInterpret it as you will.  Call it allegory, call it myth.  Take the current account as literal truth.  It doesn’t matter.

What matters is that inside you, something is drawn by the Light.  Something in you longs for the Word that will make all things clear, give you hope, give you peace, let you understand, heal you, love you, set you free.

And once, we are told, the Great Yes took on human form and came to live among us, offering all this and more, pointing the way, living it for our benefit.

And even though its passage through the sands of time and across a multitude of cultures has woven countless versions of the tale, its essence remains.  Its truth lives within us still and sings to us in the darkness, bringing hope, kindling the flame of faith, of belief that all our highest ideals are rooted in it somehow, and through it will one day blossom and bear fruit.

Past the farthest reaches of our reason, beyond our limited capacity to understand, the Great Yes speaks to us still, to our hearts, to our spirits, to our souls.  It beckons us.  It radiates love and joy.  It tells us we are one with it, and with each other.

In it lies fulfillment, and peace, and freedom, and boundless potential.

And on this night, we sing of the legend, we sing of the story.  We sing of the birth of Love and Light, of Peace and Good Will, personified in a being who took on human form that we might be truly known.  And our hearts overflow with the joy of it, and burst with a grand Alleluia, in praise, in worship, in thanksgiving.

And from the heart of the cosmos, the Source of it all, the Giver of Life, echoes back our joy and, calling us each by name, whispers, “All is well, my child.  Be at peace. You are loved.”

Joy Everlasting

Wreath with PoinsettiasBeneath our awareness, we know.  The wreath whispers the story; its circle, without beginning or end, spins the song.  The boughs of the evergreen, thriving through winter’s darkness and cold, tell of its triumph and strength.

Round and round its joy spirals, in seasons, in starry galaxies, in the constant reemergence of light, of life.

Endlessly it flows, within the mysteries, beneath all the questions, singing the Great Yes through every manifestation.

Swirling within our cells, riding on our breath, pulsing through our veins, it sings to our souls, and from them.

Here, in the endless now, Divine Love shines, singing its light and everlasting joy to world upon world upon world.

The Treasure of Holiday Traditions

Winter StreamIn our rapidly changing world, where the latest and newest send us rushing toward tomorrow, tradition carries little weight.  We ride a future-oriented wave; the past is passed.

But once a year, tradition overpowers us, and we take a time-out and remember.

The customs, the music, the foods, the family stories, the decorations all tie us to our yesterdays and carry with them things worth preserving from the past.

They carry us back to our childhood.  They call up images of old relatives who are no longer here, and of places we knew that have vanished or transformed.  They let us look back on our journey and see how long it has been.  They give us a sense of continuity, and let us feel the influence of those who peopled our past, no matter how different our lives may be from theirs.

Our holiday traditions link us with our heritage.  They enshrine the customs of our grandparents and theirs before them, winding back into time, passing on bits of the archetypes that guided and shaped their lives, and that guide and shape ours still.

Our traditions give depth to our celebrations.  They preserve the memories of our past and of our culture.  “When I was little,” we say, to our children as we pull an heirloom treasure from its box, “my mother would unwrap this and tell me the story of Christmas at her grandmother’s house.” And so we pass it on.

And even if we find ourselves alone on the holidays, even if we no longer celebrate them, the memories of the traditions come alive again and enrich us, and let us know we’re never truly alone or without connection. The legends and those who passed them on to us live within us still and are a part of who we are.  And if we’re very quiet on a holy winter night, we can feel their love flowing down to us through time, enfolding us, warm and as never-ending as the traditions that enshrine them in our hearts.