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Dream-Food for Winter

Autumn Reflections

The black rocks along the creek are awash with fallen leaves, and the creek, too. But that’s not enough. The creek drinks in the trees themselves, their blazing gold, the green at their feet, their charcoal trunks and filigree of branches floating on its surface looking up at the sky, which the creek also captures.

Before the ice comes, before the days turn gray, the water fills itself with the rippling colors. In winter, it will feed their gold and crimson songs to the fishes, painting their dreams. And we, walking these rocks when they’re covered in snow, will dream that we hear them, too.

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Twilight Song

Sunset with Thistles

In the dusk, the wildflowers sing, surrendering their colors to the cloud-heaped sky.  The melody is ancient and flute-like, rising from the earth as it has for untold generations and carrying all their joy.

The song calls in the night, and the birds of the night and the insects sing it, too.  And soon the sky carries all the colors away and everything fades but the music.  And stars come, and shower their light down to the flowers, and to the birds, and to all the earth’s children, and it blesses them with sweet and shimmering dreams.

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Lullaby for the Flowers: A Happiness Tale

Wildflowers at Sunset

The first bank of storm clouds floated toward the eastern sky, leaving in their wake a field of sleepy flowers.  In the west, the sun dipped behind a second, deepening heap of clouds, but not without saying goodbye.

To the flowers, it all seemed a dream now, the rain, the glow of the sinking sun, the cool air.  They surrendered their colors for the night, lending them to the passing clouds.

As they drifted more fully into their dreams, a lullaby sang to them.  It was a high, soft, sweet song and it enveloped all the creatures of the earth.  Even those whose ears could not detect the sound felt its benevolence in their hearts.  It sang the names of every one of them, wishing them peaceful hearts, and assuring them that they were deeply loved.   And the flowers sighed with happiness and slept, wrapped in serenity and fragrant joy.

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Dusk at the Harbor

Sunset at Scituate

The white hot sun still blazes.  But now the tide begins to rise, and with it a subtle change permeates the atmosphere.  The worst of it is over.  The heat is tempered, the humid air sliced by a wisp of breeze.

It’s only a matter of hours now until the night settles in.  Then stars will spread themselves above this sea and all will be dreams, and the moon will write her path across the water.  And the tide will fall, and rise again, and fall.

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Before the Corn Rises

Corn Field with Clouds

You can hardly tell that it’s broke through the soil in this light, can you?  But you just wait.   Give it a couple weeks, a few good rains, and you won’t even be able to see those trees from here.  Once it’s got its toehold, there ain’t no stopping corn.

Still, the field’s kind of pretty, isn’t it, with all the cloud shadows sweeping across it like that?  Them’s the kind of clouds I loved as a boy.  You could lay out on the lawn and get lost in dreams for hours, just watching them float by.

Say, you want to go see if Ma’s got any fresh lemonade made?

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The First Tulip

Tulip Waking

Shyly the small tulip opens her petals.  She is the first and knows not what to expect.

The air is cool and clear.  From somewhere high above music falls from the throats of birds.  It is unlike any she has ever known, alive and filled with gladness.

The light is soft and fills everything.  Color is everywhere, and beyond what must be the arms of trees, an infinite sky sings a morning Gloria.

She had been told that it would be more beautiful than words could tell, than any mere flower could imagine.  But this, this exceeded the farthest stretches of her highest dreams.  And she opens her petals and dances with joy.

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Waking to Snow

Fresh SnowfallMidnight brought the snow, light, star-like flakes of it, billowing down through the windless night.

As if she were preparing a table for guests, the lake covered her open places with fresh ice and the snow settled across it like pressed linen.

It fell into the cupped leaves of the brush on the lake’s banks, onto the spread boughs of the trees, into the webs of needles on the pines.  It was a generous snow, blanketing every inch of the earth for miles around.

And when at last the morning came, we woke to a world so brilliant that it seemed we were still dreaming our finest, most luminous dreams.

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Waking to a December Morning

December Morning at the PondAfter their nighttime visitation from the Snow Queen, the children were surprised to discover that the woodland still wore its late autumn garb. Not a snowflake was in sight.

Still, the air was crisp and cold.  You never knew, when you greeted a December morning, what the day would hold.

They told their mothers about their dreams, and the mothers smiled.  “What a gift!” the oak said to the little leaf.  “How beautiful!” the mother pine said.

The children asked why there was no snow.  And the mothers said that dreams had a timing of their own.  Some of them foretold events that might take a while to unfold in our world.

“But it’s a very pretty morning, nonetheless, don’t you think?” the oak said.  “Why don’t you get your friend and see what surprises the woodland might have for you today?”

And before the words had left her mouth, the little pine appeared on their threshold, eyes bright and ready for adventure.  Off the two pals ran.  And their mothers smiled and wondered what tales they would bring home with them today.

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Spinning Dreams of Snow

Clouds at DuskBelow, the earth was nestling into the warm dusk.  Except for the oak and a few hardy maples, most of the trees had shed their leaves and were preparing for their long winter sleep.

The nocturnal animals were waking now, and setting out for the evening’s hunt.  But they were, for the most part, small, and hardly made a sound as they scurried across the fallen leaves.

But up above, mighty winds were sweeping clouds across the sky.  Their leading edges were soft and sheer as if the sky were drawing a lavender veil across its face.  Even in their depths, they looked powdery and light.  Yet they moved at a great speed and began to gather together in growing layers.

And the oak, who had seen many seasons, watched from the edge of the hill, and knew that the sky was spinning dreams of snow.

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Symphony of the Seasons

Autumn Bouquet

Autumn spends her hues as if there were no end to them.   Her extravagance knows no bounds.   But there’s a reason for her madness.  The season of monochromes follows on her heels.  In the meantime, let the world be bright with color.

Let it sink into every eye and pool in every mind.  And when the nights are long, let it sing in the world’s dreams.

These tones sing the symphony of the seasons and are its culmination.  Breathe them into your soul and know their joy.

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