The Scout

Changing Maple

Someone always has to go first to mark the trail, to set the style, to show the way.  Someone has to prove the journey is possible and the effort worthwhile.

And always, that someone appears, brimming with a sense of adventure, filled with confidence and trust.

“I’ll go!” he shouts, flushed with excitement over the challenge.   And he unfurls his flag of valor and rides forth to plunge into the great unknown.  .

Those left behind wait and watch, amazed at the bravado, placing their bets on how things will turn out.

And when the daring one returns, triumphant, they cheer, for his success is all of theirs, and they queue up to hear his tales and to follow in his wake.

January’s Gift

New Snow at the LakeWrite what you will, my love, on the days of this new year.  January has erased all that went before.

She leaves you with this slate of glistening possibilities.  Choose what will bring you joy.  Chose those what enable you to stretch toward greater kindness, greater daring, greater courage, greater love.

The past cannot contain or define you.  January has swept the yesterdays away.   Sail on her song of Yes, and soar.

Reach High


Let your acts be acts of passion and boldness.  Make your reality wide.  The heights aren’t achieved through hesitation; they’re won by the storm of will.

Set your limits past certainty’s edge.  If you’re going to reach, reach high.  All the fun’s in the daring.  Go for the rare fair air.

Then once your course is set, let no doubts assail you.   No obstacle can stand against firm faith and determination.  Let your will and belief be strong.

And when you reach the summit, wave your bright flags of triumph and joy.   Shine for us all.  Shine us on.

Let the Magic Begin

Burst Seeds

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!  ~Goethe

The New Year begins!  Both the curtain and the bar are raised.  And we come leaping into this gift of new hours, fresh dreams in hand, full of hope and daring.

Let our faith be firm.  Let us bring to this New Year the best in us: Hearts brave enough to be vulnerable, lips willing to speak our truth, hands eager to reach out in kindness, souls ready to serve.

Let us be alert for goodness and beauty and find them in every hour.  Let us fly our dreams like flags before us.  Let us reach for the stars and climb whatever mountains may appear.  Let us not take no for an answer, but cling instead to our passion for the endless possibilities.

And may the Illimitable Yes that is Love and Peace and Joy sing its song through us all our days and fill us with its grace.

Optimism: The Breakfast of Champions

None of it matters:  Where you were born, who your parents are, how tough you had it growing up, how many boulders you had to climb over, what the competition is doing.

What matters is whether you’ve got heart, how much you want to be, how deep you’re willing to dive into the life force within you, what stories you believe and tell.

Especially the stories.  You either got excuses or reasons.  It’s up to you.  You either let it get you or you don’t.  You see people who came from the sorriest of life’s lot wearing medals, champions risen from the dregs.  What kinds of stories do you suppose they listened to and chanted in the dead of night?  Tell yourself those kinds of stories.

The ones who win life’s prizes don’t let a missing leg or drunken dad or empty wallet tell them that the whole deck of cards is stacked against them.  They see what they have, not what they don’t.

If they stumble, they don’t decide they’re worthless.  They tie their shoes or watch out for cracks and keep on with the race.  They remember the times they did well, beat the pack, sunk the putt, hit the target, aced the test.  They believe in themselves.  They tell themselves “I can,” and “I will.”

They fly the banners of hope and high expectations.  They eat optimism for breakfast and dine on their victories at night, and even if the victories are small, they find enough of them to make a satisfying meal.

Life is for the brave.  It sings like a riot of trumpets for the ones with the daring and guts to keep going even when things are tough.  And it sends happiness to dwell in their hearts and applauds them with standing ovations.