Fleeting Gold

Golden Hills at Sunset“Every now and then,” she said, gazing out the window, “a moment comes along that makes all the rest of them worth it.”

The day had been gray, that heavy, relentless gray that numbs your mind.  Now and then raindrops splattered the windshield as we drove along.  The rhythmic thump of the windshield wipers only added to the monotony and we wondered if would ever end.

It was like those seasons of depression you go through sometimes, colorless and dull.

But then, just as afternoon was turning into evening, the sun broke through and the hills outside the windows gleamed with a brilliant gold.

It would fade as quickly as it appeared.  But for this one fleeting moment, we were revived.  Its beauty rescued us from the gloom and reminded us that beyond the clouds, the light endlessly shines, and if you just keep going, it will break through.

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