Lasting Happiness

Life’s moments flow past so quickly, some sparkling with bright pleasures, some dark with pain.  Each, as it passes, adds to the sum that determines the quality of our lives, leaving behind its lessons, showing us how to reach for greater goodness, deeper loving, and more joy.

We learn to meet hurt with forgiveness and to wrap our hearts around each other’s sorrows and pains.  We learn to sing songs of gratitude and praise, and to celebrate the simple things.  We learn that what matters are the moments we spend awake to life’s beauty, the times we embraced and were embraced by kindness and love.

We learn that pleasures are fleeting, that each desire met gives way to another, and that joy is more in the journey than in arriving at an end, although each pinnacle reached is cause for satisfaction and food for savoring when we pause to look back on where we’ve been.

We discover that while we know much and are always learning more, there is no end to the mystery in whose midst we live, and so we learn humility and awe.  We find that truth and goodness provide solid ground on which to stand, and we adopt a willingness to let go of anything that keeps us from walking in their paths.

We learn that laughter, as well as silence, is golden and so we open ourselves freely to those things that bring us delight.

We learn to say “I’m sorry” and to make amends when we have caused injury.  And we find that being forgiven is a priceless grace.

Along the way, we absorb the lessons of the seasons and learn the constancy of change.  And so we seek to be pliant, flexible, resilient and flowing, giving to each season its due.

As our friendships expand to include those whose opinions and beliefs differ from our own, we learn tolerance and gain skill at examining our own dearly held assumptions, and so we move nearer to discovering that the heart has wisdom that the intellect may never know.

We give ourselves to adventure and comfort ourselves with the familiar.  We probe and play, and we retire and review.  We learn the beauty of balance and harmony and our lives become a kind of song.

And so the moments flow by, each one giving its gift.  And lasting happiness lies in accepting each one as it comes, and opening ourselves to its treasure.

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