Green Lace

Woodland in Spring

Now it’s all green lace, fresh as rain,
and flowers, wantonly strew
across the woodland’s floor,
crowding the roadsides, dancing
free as wind in the unplowed fields
to the songs of countless birds.
You can keep your Summerland.
When I die, I want to go to the place
in heaven where it’s eternal Spring.

On Finding a Trillium

White Trillium Blossom

“Thank you” seems so small a phrase,
so wholly inadequate in the face of this burgeoning green,
of these fields and hills, spilling over now with flowers
beyond counting, in hues beyond  our power to name.
Still, I kneel before the pristine trillium and can conjure
no other response.  What utter mystery,
how such varied beauty can rise from mere earth,
and that we should be here, in the midst of it,

The Scent of Lilacs

Deep Purple Lilacs

Along the border separating our yard
from our neighbors, lilacs bloomed,
a long row of them, in shades of
lavender and deep purple, maroon
and white, their fragrance wafting
through late April’s open windows,
scenting the entire house.
Great bouquets of them graced
our kitchen’s table, and we sat,
after meals, gazing at them
in silence, breathing their perfume
as if it were dessert.  Among
all the fragrances  of spring, the
scent of the lilac, above all others,
fills me with pure rapture,
and with memories sweet and pure,
carrying me back to childhood,
carrying me back to home.


Phlox Garden

A whim took me off my usual route today,
just a bright little flicker running through
my mind:  What’s up that hill?
The road leading up was uninviting,
lined with time-worn tiny houses,
cramped in small and unkempt yards.
But still, I was drawn.  And when I reached
the road’s end, I discovered what
had called me–A garden of phlox
in full bloom nestled among rocks,
graced by a blossom-filled tree.
It’s wise to follow the promptings
that rise from your inner mind.
They can reveal wonders to you
that your ordinary path would never