Despite All the Meanness

Path thru Autumn Field

Somewhere I read that you call beautiful what you love the most.  Today, for me, it is walking here, on this path that skirts the small pond, the blue sky above, the last of the season’s leaves glowing in the sun.

It encompasses everything:  all that breathes and that which gives rise to it, the endless turning of the seasons, one smoothing into another, and all they hold.  That includes the children who ran, laughing, along this path in summer, and the parents who followed them, the green heron who made his home on the banks of the pond, the blue heron that flew overhead.  And of course all the dragonflies and their kin, and the fishes, the worms in the soil, the soil itself.

It is all holy, and beautiful beyond measure, despite all the meanness the world holds.

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How Generous the Yes

Autumn Trail

How generous the Yes is, to give us each year this gold, to pour out to us these shining days, filled with scent and rustling sound.

We are not sent into the darkness without a light.  We are not plunged into the silence without a song.

No, our pockets are filled with uncountable coins of love as we go, each one holding the story of the year’s broad turning, each one ringing with the truth that life and light return.  Always, they return.

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The Winter Quilt

Fallen Leaves with Raindrops

She stitches the quilt with care and tucks pearls between its layers.   No material is too good for it.   It must be thick and sturdy and warm enough to last all winter long.  But more than that, it must hold spaces for lullabies and dreams.

It must hold the memory of sky and moon, of sun and stars, of the singing birds, and of the music of crickets and frogs.  It must hold the mysteries of cycles and birth and regeneration.

And every layer must be laden with hope and with trust in the earth’s perfect timing.

And so she works with love and care, and the layers deepen and grow warm.

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Last Crimson Maple

Just when you think the story is over, you turn the final page.  And there it is, one last poem, an epilogue to all that has gone before.

So here, in the forest, where the maples have shed all but a whisper of their crismon, one stands in full glory, singing her amen to the deep autumn sky.

The season, which had seemed to end too soon and unfinished somehow, now felt complete.  And more than that, magnificent.

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Season of Flight

Nearly Bare Autumn Trees

The leaves of the ancient oak are deep olive now, waiting for the russet to set in.  At its side, the maples are nearly bare, wearing only fringes of vanishing gold.  The reds have disappeared entirely.

This is the season of flight.  Bushels of leaves tumble through the sky, riding the currents as if they were hawks, circling, soaring, gliding.  Even when they reach land, they are not still.  They rise in giddy whirlwinds at the slightest draft, spinning round and round.

Only when the rain comes with its lullabies do they finally settle, nestling into the earth, becoming one with her, giving themselves to the roots of the trees that gave them birth, and all the time dreaming  of rising spirals spinning round and round and round.

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True Colors

Tree thru October Rain

It’s all a matter of focus.  You can give your attention to the rain or to the way the subdued light makes colors glow.

The world doesn’t care.  It is what it is, a mirror waiting to reflect your thoughts.  Always the choice is yours.  And always the reflection is true and can change in the blink of an eye.

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A Gift from the Rain

Autumn Still Life on Car Hood

Like some giant, cosmic selfie, the rain left a portrait of its work on the hood of the car. Armfuls of spruce needles and golden leaves seemed to float through the reflected sky, now clearing with only a milky veil of clouds.

It captured the dance of the winds, the graceful curtain of needles washing down. It highlighted the leaves with their red veins, resting now after their fall, but falling through this scene nonetheless as if they would fall forever.

And perhaps in some dimension they will forever fall, their blissful ride going on, and on, and on.

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Just for This Moment

October Creek

Just for this moment, step into an alternate world where leafy golden coins fall from the sky and pile in heaps at your feet.  Imagine that your every need is met, your heart’s truest desires all granted.

Imagine that you possess all these riches: the scents of autumn, its warmth, the song of its breeze rustling through the leaves.

Imagine this golden grandeur enveloping the whole earth, healing all the wounds, erasing all conflict, soothing all grief.  Imagine it revealing every face as a beloved brother’s, a sister’s, a child’s.

Imagine the wind singing, “Welcome! Welcome!” and every face wearing a gentle smile.

Just for this moment, step into a golden world.

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Joy Chant of the Maples

Golden Maples Dancing

Ya Dah Hi Ah, Ya Dah Hi,  We sing our joy unto the sky.

Ya Dah Hi Ah, Ya Dah Who, We wave our gold against its blue.

Onto the gods of heaven, we raise the gold of earth.

Let all her creatures dance now, filled with joy and mirth.

Ya Dah Hi Ah, Ya Dah Hay, We sing the beauty of this day.

Ya Dah Hi Ah, Ya Dah Hee, We send our children flying free.

Onto the children everywhere, we raise the song of Yes.

Fly freely, little precious ones, and know that you are blessed.

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Unleashed Joy

Red Maple

In a language universal to trees, October sent forth her command: Hold nothing back!  Now is the moment for full-out play.   Let every leaf show its true color; let every cell ring out its song.

And so the trees unleashed their joy and it rippled in waves of crimson and gold, in flame and purest yellow, in scarlet and salmon and orange.  And the song of the leaves filled the autumn blue sky and sounded like a pardon for all mankind, as it if carried the love of the very heart of the Great Yes itself.  And so it did.

“For you!” it sang.  “For you! For you!  Because you matter and are cherished and loved.

“For you, my children, for you,” the leaves sang, all that day and deep into the night, and their message echoed forever.

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