Scarlet Maple

With our breath rising, full or our awe and joy,
autumn again raised the curtain of clouds
to bring us an encore of color.  It was more
than we could have asked for, bright scarlet
flags waving in the wind, the epitome of
maple’s brilliant hues.  Never give up
on your hopes of one last stretch of glory.
Even when all seems lost, the miraculous
can step out from the wings,

Pulling Out the Stops

Autumn Maples at Beaver, PA

Autumn is pulling out the stops now,
holding nothing back.  It’s color
full-on and if you weren’t standing
here, the reds, and yellows, oranges
and golds pouring right into your
very own eyes, you wouldn’t believe
such splendor was possible.  And even
standing right here, you stare and stare,
awed by the sight of it.  It’s as if the trees
have drunk the sunrise.

A Slice of Heaven

Forest and Ferns

A golden brush swept through the woods
painting the leaves and the ferns.
And the sun came to play, glittering them
with its light as they swam in the warm
autumn breeze, the leaves raining down
in a shower of gold as if coins were falling
from the sky and everything was in motion
and full of dance and joy and you couldn’t
help but wonder if you had stepped
somehow into an alternate world
that felt like slice of heaven.

Sky Sailing

Soaring Maple Leaf

You have to plan it.
All the while you’re putting on
your colors, you think of little else.
You want a day when the sky is blue
and dotted with puffs of happy clouds.
You want to let go at high noon
when the shadows are shortest
and the air is warmed.  And of course
you want a great wind, a strong wind
with grand gusts that will carry you far,
farther, you dream, than any leaf
has ever gone before.  Then at last
the day comes, and it matches your wishes
exactly.  And you sail the blue sky,
your tips raised like bird winds,
and you soar farther, farther,
than you had ever dreamed.